Local road, conditions will be dangerous until storm exits Saturday

Staff Writer

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) is reporting several travel alerts to inform the public due to inclement weather. Here's a list of what to watch for. Keep an eye on the Caltrans website for further road closures. The storm is expected to intensify into the day and over night, into Friday, March 2:

o State Route 89 (Monitor Pass) closed due to snow on 2/12/2018.
o State Route 120 East (from postmile 18.4 to 51.86) closed due to snow on 2/28/2018.
o State Route 158 -June Lake Loop (from postmile 6.0 to 13.0) closed due to snow on 2/28/2018.
o State Route 270 - Bodie Road closed due to snow on 2/23/2018.
o Caltrans will assess these highways for reopening following the storm.

o On U.S. Hwy 395
§ R1 Chain Controls from the Junction of State Route 203 to 8 miles south of Lee Vining.
o On State Route 203
§ R1 Chain Controls from 1 mile west of the Jct. of US Hwy 395 to Forest Trail Road.
§ R2 Chain Controls from Forest Trail Road to the Mammoth Mountain Inn.
o State Route 158 South
§ R1 Chain Controls from 2.9 miles west of the south Jct. of US Hwy 395 to 3.5 miles north of June Lake Village.
o State Route 108
§ R1 Chain Controls from 3.8 miles west of the Jct. of US Hwy 395 to the Jct. of US Hwy 395.

Caltrans reminds drivers to carry chains and to be prepared for winter driving conditions. Carry blankets, water, food, a shovel, gloves, a flashlight, and sand or kitty litter to provide traction in case your vehicle becomes stuck. The traveling public is advised to drastically slow down and proceed with caution.

Please check local highway conditions before planning travel. For the latest highway information please visit the Caltrans QuickMap site at quickmap.dot.ca.gov or call the Road Condition Hotline at 1-800-427-ROAD (7623).