Smoke pours into Mammoth from Sierra National Forest burn

Staff Writer

A 200-acre prescribed fire burn on the west slope of the Sierra crest near Dinkey Creek Road (near Edison Lake and Jackass Meadows) has been pouring smoke into the Mammoth area since Sunday, Nov. 12, when forest officials started the fire in an attempt to thin the forest. The wet vegetation from the big storms of mid-October has hindered the fire’s ability to spread and also created an unusual amount of thick, black smoke, which has been traveling directly over the Mammoth Pass gap in the Sierra crest and into the Mammoth area. According to Sierra officials, the smoke should drop off in quantity this week as an approaching storm makes it impossible to continue with the burn process but don’t get too excited. The forest plans to burn another 600 acres as soon as conditions allow, either this fall or winter, or next year.