Maine goes to Clinton but in remaining battleground states, vote still too close to call

Staff Writer

At 11 p.m. Pacific Time, Donald Trump is leading in the Electoral College with 264 to Clinton's 215 votes and Pennsylvania, one of the big remaining battleground states that Clinton needs to win, still too close to count, but leading 49-48 percent with Trump in the lead with 99 percent of the vote. In Michigan and Wisconsin, the vote is too close to count yet, but Clinton faces similar deficits. However, the Clinton campaign tonight said it would not concede, until more results came in, perhaps tomorrow, given still uncounted provisional ballots and absentee ballots in those three states. Should Trump win in the end, election analysts believe it is quite likely Clinton will take home the popular vote, even if she loses the Electoral Collage, after California's votes are counted later this evening and tomorrow.