Seattle Woman Dies After Falling 40 Feet During Hike

Staff Writer

A 58-year-old Seattle woman is dead after tumbling 40 feet down a rock chute while she was hiking cross country near Jigsaw Pass (near the Bishop Pass trail west of Bishop) Aug. 5.

According to the Inyo County Sheriff’s Department, Stephanie Subak was hiking with friends descending the pass when she grabbed onto a rock that gave way, causing her to tumble about 40 feet down a rocky chute.

Subak sustained multiple injuries and died from her injuries about an hour after they occurred, according to the sheriff’s department.

According to the sheriff’s department, on Aug, 5 at about 5:20 p.m. the Inyo County Sheriff’s office was notified of a SPOT device activation near Jigsaw Pass. The activation was followed by a message asking for a helicopter for an immediate evacuation due to an injury.

A short time later, another message was sent saying, “fatality.”

Two Inyo County SAR members responded to the coordinates of the SPOT activation and on Aug. 6 at about 7 a.m., CHP H-80 arrived and with the assistance of the Inyo County SAR team, H-80 was able to recover Subak’s body and transport her to the Sheriff’s Posse Hut near the Bishop airport, where she was then driven to Brune Mortuary.

Interviews conducted with her hiking friends who were with her at the time of the accident indicated that Subak was descending down Jigsaw Pass when a rock that she grabbed onto gave way, causing her to tumble about 40 feet down a chute.

Once Subak’s partners got to her, she was unconscious but breathing; she passed away about an hour later, the sheriff’s department said.
According to the coroner, Subak sustained multiple traumatic injuries that caused her death.

Jigsaw Pass is a Class 1-Class 2 cross country route that connects the Dusy Basin area on the north side of Bishop Pass to the North Fork of Big Pine drainage.