The weather ahead this week

Howard Sheckter
Staff Writer

An upper trof will remain anchored along the west coast this week with a dry SW flow aloft. For the most part this will be a rainless week with only a slight chance Friday afternoon and night….High Temps will average near normal for August with highs in the mid to upper 70s then cool to the lower 70s by next weekend….Expect Nighttime lows mostly in the 40s this week. Afternoon and evening Zephyr winds will blow up to 30 MPH this week.

El Nino:

Some folks have expressed concern about the CFS V2 with a drop in the index as of Late. Have no fear of that. The Kelvin Wave normally goes through a process of weakening and strengthen over time. We had a weakening of the index back in early July and then a strengthening… the same is going on now. Looking at the wave structure, the Index will reflect strengthening a bit later this month. A lot of down welling has occurred in the more west portion of the thermocline and that will ripple east and will eventually recharge the Nino basin. Looking at the SOI this morning it is a very strong -38. So “La Machine” is working well! And…..The Walker Pump is quite weak…
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