SAR Rescue west of Bridgeport

A SAR Team member was lowered into the backcountry via helicopter to rescue a stranded hiker who injured her ankle.  Photo courtesy Mono County SAR
Staff Writer

Mono County Search and Rescue saved an injured Pacific Crest Trail hiker west of Bridgeport Monday.
A female hiker on the Pacific Crest Trail, at Lake Harriet, approximately 18 miles east of Bridgeport, called for help using a satellite phone. She had suffered an ankle injury and was unable to hike out of her current location along the trail. The Mono County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Team was dispatched to assist.
Due to the extreme distance from the nearest trailhead, the Mono County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Team requested the assistance of a California Highway Patrol helicopter to extract the hiker from the backcountry. Due to steep terrain, the helicopter was unable to land near the hiker. The helicopter flew to Bridgeport to pick up additional fuel and also requested a SAR Team rescue member to be available for insertion into the field.
The SAR Team member was taken by helicopter to the hiker’s location and lowered by the helicopter’s cable hoist to the ground near the injured hiker. The hiker was hoisted up to the helicopter and taken to Bridgeport for evaluation by Mono County Paramedics.
The Mono County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Team thanks the California Highway Patrol for their assistance and the use of the H20.