News from the Town Council

Staff Writer

The following is a summary of actions taken by the Mammoth Town Council at its Wednesday, July 15 meeting, provided by Town Manager Dan Holler.

The Town Council continues to work with local event organizers that utilize public rights of way. This includes authorizing road closures and limited use of Town barricades and related equipment. Action on July 15 included this approval for Skip’s Farmer’s Market on Main Street. Similar support has been provided for the half marathon, Gimme Shelter Carnival, bike races and other events using Town streets.
Approve the resolution authorizing the closure of Main Street South Frontage Road immediately adjacent to the Luxury Outlet Mall between the hours of 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. each Wednesday, beginning July 1 through September 30, 2015 for Skip’s Farmer’s Market.

The Town Council took action to proceed with the special election, set for Oct. 6, 2015 on Measure Z – related to transient rentals and zoning restrictions. This included allowing the Council priority, per the California elections code, an argument against the Measure in the printed ballot.
Adopt the resolution setting priorities for filing a written argument regarding a Town measure and directing the Town Attorney to prepare an impartial analysis.

The Town Council approved a 5 year agreement with Mono County, consenting to the levy of Solid Parcel Fees in the Town of Mammoth by Mono County. The fees are used to assist with the operations and closure planning and funding of the Benton Crossing Landfill. The Council further directed Town staff to work with County staff on a “flow agreement” to the benefit of both parties. The flow agreement would set a specific period of time for waste generated in Mammoth Lakes to be directed only to Benton Crossing. In return the Town would receive considerations to assist with future solid waste management in the Town.
Approve agreement with Mono County for Solid Waste Parcel Fees.

As part the approval and implementation of new Development Impact Fees and Housing fees an interim reduction was approved to avoid un-intended cost increases local building projects. The Council also approved the reduction of the public art fee to $0 for a period of two years. This provides time to review the public art program and make a future determination on keeping a revised program or eliminating the program.
Consider a reduction of the Development Impact Fee (DIF) and Housing Fees through August 28, 2015. Consider a Public Art Fee reduction through July 31, 2017.

Council provided direction to pursue a future location of the Town’s Multi-Use Facility (Rec Zone / Ice Rink) to property that is owned by the Town. Council directed that Staff, Mammoth Lakes Recreation and the Recreation Commission to work together to evaluate locations based on a more defined design of the Multi-Use Facility and the potential co-location of an additional facility/building(s).
Multi-Use Facility Location Options.

The Town Council approved the financing plan and the use of lease revenue bonds that will generate $2,000,000 for the construction of new Police Station. The bonds will be repaid over 15 years. Funds for the bond payments will be come from current from a reduction in the payment for the refinanced debt used to acquire the Bell Shaped Parcel, current lease payments on the Police Station and a consolidation of other debt payment ending in FY15-16. The financing places no new requirements on the Town’s General Fund. The new facility will be located near the Court House on property already owned by the Town. Work on the design will begin in August 2015. The Station is planned to be completed in late 2017.
Approve financing documents for 2000 Land Acquisition Certificates of Participation (COPs) refunding and construction of a new police station and authorize an increase in the Debt Reserve Fund to an amount equal to the highest annual debt service payment.