Fire Near Oakhurst Sends Smoke Over Sierra Crest to Mammoth

Staff Writer

Smoke from a fire near Oakhurst (which is located almost due west of Toms Place over the Sierra crest) has made its way to Mammoth and the Eastern Sierra as of Friday afternoon, June 19. The smoke is from a fire called the Sky Fire, which was at about 600 acres Friday morning but has likely grown since then. The fire poses no danger to Eastern Sierra residents or property but it is likely to continue to send at least some smoke into the area depending on which way the winds go, until it is out. There is another fire burning in the San Bernadino area called the Lake Fire, which was at about 11,000 acres on Friday morning and growing fast. As of then, the fire was sending a considerable smoke plume toward Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon, instead of north toward the Eastern Sierra but if the winds shift, we might also see some smoke from that fire. Information for the fires is generally updated in the morning and at about 6 p.m. each evening. For more information on the fires, go to or to and type in the name of the fire. —WG