Photo of the Day

Staff Writer

The local rattlesnakes, like this Panamint rattlesnake near Death Valley and the Great Basin rattlesnake found closer to the Sierra, are out and about in the Eastern Sierra as the days continue to warm up. Take precautions, like watching where you put your feet and hands and keeping an eye on your pets, especially your dogs when you are out hiking. The snakes are not as common as they are on the western slopes of the Sierra but they are here. According to vets, the best thing to do if your dog gets bit by a rattlesnake when you are hiking is to be sure you have a Benadryl pill in your pocket, then give it to the dog as soon as possible, then get it to the vet as soon as possible. If you get bit, get to a doctor as soon as possible. Photo/Wendilyn Grasseschi