Don't get scammed

Staff Writer

Local law enforcement authorities reported this week that they are continuing to receive reports from throughout the county of phone scammers claiming to be collections agents for the Internal Revenue Service.
According to Sheriff’s Public Information Officer Jennifer Hansen, the scam is “Aggressive and sophisticated,” and urged residents be cautious if they receive a call.
“The callers claim to be representatives of the IRS,” Hansen said in a press release. “They are very convincing when they call. They will use a fake name and a bogus IRS identification badge number. The caller does know a lot of information about their target; thus, making you feel it is a legit call. The caller will also alter caller ID to make it look as if the IRS is actually calling.”
“The Mono County Sheriff’s Office wants you to be aware of these phone scams,” Hansen said. “They continue to happen and the callers are starting to become more aggressive in their demeanor to obtain your personal information. Never give personal information and credit card information over the phone.”
The Sheriff’s Department also recommends that residents monitor their credit reports and their credit card and bank statements on a regular basis.
“Keep your identity and information protected,” Hansen said. “If you further question the validity of the call, contact your local IRS office before providing any personal payment information.”
Residents can also find more information on all current IRS scams at
To report a suspicious phone call, call the Sheriff’s Office at (760) 932-7549.