Young students get gift of iPads, laptops

A gift of brand new iPads and laptops for Mammoth Elementary School students last year has allowed students to jump-start their roles as technologically savvy global citizens.

Even students as young as kindergarteners can now learn how to use the digital devices, whether their families at home have them, or can afford them or not, according to former Mammoth Elementary PTO member and president Pamela Bold.

The fact that the standardized tests all school kids go through each year will be offered on the devices in 2014 didn’t hurt either, when school leaders were trying last year to decide where and how to spend $100,000 allocated for capitol improvements.

“For the kids to get familiar with the look and feel of the devices, that should be an advantage,” Bold said.

The money came from PTO funds and from an anonymous private donor, who wanted the money invested in technology, she said. Laptops went to the older grades, and iPads to the younger grades.

The devices are available at the school for teachers to check out and use, and for student use under supervised conditions, she said.

The money also paid for a modernization of the old projectors that are a familiar part of the school day—a marking pen put to a transparency, and then projected on a screen.

Instead, the school now will be using a digital version of the projector, which allows whole pages to be projected on a screen, she said.