Wild Iris a true blessing

I would like to thank Wild Iris for all that they have done for me and our community. The staff is amazing. The organization is amazing. They have truly been a blessing to my life. When I thought I had no one to turn to, they were always there for me, there to talk to, there to help with bills, there to help with food, there to help with clothing, there to help with friendship and love. 

I would like to ask any member of our community who has the means to please make any donations you can to this agency—be it food or clothing or furniture or anything. Wild Iris is vital to our community and we must support them in their efforts to help those in need. 
They have truly made a difference in my life. Thank you to all the staff at Wild Iris. You are a true blessing to my life and many others. You should be proud of yourselves! You have done your job well.  
Thank you.
Mammoth Lakes
Editor’s Note: Wild Iris is dedicated to serving victims and survivors affected by domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse from all cultures including race, sexuality, gender, religion, age, class, disability status, immigration status, education and geographic location within Inyo and Mono Counties. The Mammoth Times typically does not publish anonymous letters, but sometimes exceptions need to be made. This is one of them. The writer of this letter wanted to keep her identity private for obvious reasons and the Times honored her request.