Who is Robert Musil?

A native of San Jose, Musil went through his formative years in Torrance, Los Angeles County, then followed a career that took him to Nevada, Long Beach and, finally, Mono County.


As a boy, he hiked and camped in the Eastern Sierra as a Boy Scout, and learned many outdoor skills alongside his late father, who died unexpectedly earlier this month in Texas.


A resident of Walker, he and his wife, Brenda, have been married for 23 years.


Musil graduated from San Jose State with, he said, “the most useless degree in the country.” 


The degree was in political science and his concentration was in U.S.-Soviet Relations. 

He graduated in 1987, two years before the collapse of the Soviet Union.


A former assistant Mono County Assessor, the Board of Supervisors appointed Musil to the office last autumn when the position became vacant.