Who is Ken Murray?

Murray, 50, is the general manager of the Chart House restaurant on Old Mammoth Road, and came to Mammoth five years ago on a whim.


Single, Murray said he was working for the parent company of his restaurant in San Diego when he was offered an opportunity to take over the Chart House for six months.


“So they asked me, ‘Do you know where Mammoth Lakes is?’ I said no, not really.


“The opportunity was only going to be for six months, then I was going to get transferred to another location for the summer, and I’d come back and forth.” 


He stayed, though, during a big winter.


Murray said it was an unlikely marriage, but he said he has come to love the town, even though he does not ski or snowboard.


“Mainly I just work,” he said. “I wondered at first what I was getting myself into. But I took the challenge, and I’ve been here since. 


“I enjoy the area absolutely. The outdoors, the clean air, and the elevation once you get used to it. I hope to be here for a long time.”