Who is Bill Sauser?

Sauser, 61, operates a locksmith service and first came to Mammoth Lakes with his parents when he was 6 years old, in 1958.


Of his upbringing, he said,


“When I first came here, the sign coming into town said, ‘Population, 260.’


“The reason for my folks moving here was that my Dad was very old to be my dad. He was born 1897. He was about 55 when I was born, so back in the day, he worked for North American Rockwell, which had a 65-year-old mandatory retirement. 


He immigrated to this country when he was 23 years old from Southern Hungary, which then became Yugoslavia and is now a part of Serbia.


“My half brother Rudy had been skiing Mammoth since WWII, and when he decided to move, Rudy said, “I know the place!


 “So they went into business and bought Sierra Pines Lodge, which no longer exists, but that’s the property that Dempsey bought that used to be known as Tom’s Woods on Minaret Road.”


He said Mammoth is in his heart.


“It’s a small town that is usually forward-thinking; it offers all the recreation I was looking for, and it allows a small-time operator like myself to still have an influence on the things that happen in the town. To me, that’s big—the ability of a local to actually make change.”


Online, Sauser has a page on Facebook.