Whitmore Track moves ahead

The Town Council Wednesday evening gave the go-ahead to the Whitmore Track project, five years after Elaine Smith and her High Sierra Striders floated the idea.

A shovel should be in the ground soon, with a serviceable, all-weather track and infield set for the first week of November.

“It’s important that we acknowledge that somebody has devoted a portion of his or her life to a project over a period of time, said Councilman Rick Wood after a 5-0 vote to award the contracts and get things going, “and this is an appropriate time to acknowledge the tireless work of Elaine Smith and the High Sierra Striders. Whatever praise we heap upon her is well deserved.

“This is a bright spot, given our current state of things, when there aren’t too many of those. This provides an opportunity for a long-term relationship with tourism, for a long-term opportunity for a new and different kind of visitor to come to Mammoth. You have to start somewhere, and this is the somewhere.”