In this week's Mammoth Times


In this week's Mammoth Times, we examine how the "money pie" was split among the various events producers on the Eastside, as well as a breakdown of fee increases for recreation activities in Mammoth.

Also on the front page is a feature story about Laurel Fiddler, one of our more accomplished cross country skiers, and what she learned from her Olympian mom and super-athlete dad.

Inside the 20-page edtion, which also is available online in PDF format through our E-Edition, is an update on the Fourth of July Crowley Fireworks Show, and a story about the shrinking number of options for child-care in Mammoth.

We have a preview of next Tuesday night's free "Know-How" lectures, and a piece about the father of one of Olympian John Teller's dad, who has had to re-do the front of his service station to accommodate the wishes of the ad-sensitive U.S. Olympic Committee.

That, plus our usual features such as the "Our View" editorial,  are on news racks now for 50 cents a copy. An E-Edition version, in PDF format, is available for the same single-issue paper, along with a subscription offer that includes discount options.

Have a great week, everybody, and we'll touch base again on Feb. 13 with a new edition of the Mammoth Times.
—The Editors