We need action


I was at the June Lake Community Center on Tuesday, April 2, to hear the results of 13 people traipsing around New England trying to figure out what in the world to do with June Mountain.

I’ll leave aside any opinion that this could have been accomplished by a small team of people at Mammoth Mountain Ski Area in an office at the Main Lodge starting last July when June Mountain was closed and instead say how interesting it was to hear an MMSA official at the meeting characterize the reopening of June Mountain as a concession.

Perhaps he didn’t see the letter that the Forest Service wrote which stated MMSA was in non-compliance of its permit and was given a year to get its stuff together.

We would like MMSA to realize that we aren’t asking for any favors or concessions. We want MMSA to do what it’s supposed to do. We want it to be a proper steward of ALL the public lands it holds a permit for.

We want it to behave as a proper business and to stop the ongoing neglect and sabotage of June Mountain in favor of Mammoth Mountain. We would love to cooperate with any plans MMSA may have to aggressively improve and market June. We don’t need a symposium on this. We need action.

Alice Suszynski

Committee for a

Viable June Mountain