Watch for that fire bill in your mailboxes


You may very soon get a bill from the State for fire protection. A bill was passed in July 2011 that establishes a new fee for anyone living in a State Responsibility Area (SRA). To see if you live in a SRA, visit www. sraviewer.php.


The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association (the great people behind Prop

13) will be filing a lawsuit to overturn what they call a “tax” not a “fee.”


This fee is $150 on each habitable structure, which is defined as a building that can be occupied for residential use.


Owners of habitable structures who are also within the boundaries of a local fire protection agency will receive a reduction

of $35 per habitable structure.


The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association has created a website that explains your rights and responsibilities regarding this fee. You can visit their website, www., for more information.


They have now clarified that “you must pay the fee when you receive the bill.”Their position now is that you must pay the bill in order to avoid any penalties and interest. These penalties and interest build quickly so make sure you pay immediately.


If you pay your bill and the courts overturn the fee, can you get your money back? The court “may”order refunds.To qualify for a refund you must have paid your bill and filed a “Petition for Redetermination” with the responsible agencies.


The number of days for you to do this is very limited so pay close attention to the due date on your bill.


You must submit it within 30 days of the date of your bill to three addresses, not just the one that is on the form (how tricky is that?).


Please take a moment and learn more about this so you may be protected.


Hopefully the Howard Jarvis group will be successful in getting this unlawful “tax” overturned.

Tim Fesko, Coleville