Village Championships Results for June 24

Luke Wynen, Kevin McBride, Ingrid Braun and practically the entire Mike Karch clan came up big at the Village Championships Cross-Country mountain bike races this past week at Shady Rest Park.

Racing on Tuesday, June 24, Wynen won the Expert 1-Lap in 27-minutes, 42 seconds, followed by Andreas Braun, Tod Hensley and Clayton Mendel. 


They topped a field of 11 racers in the Expert category.

Among the women racers in the Expert race, Ingrid Braun turned in a time of 37:01, finishing ninth overall.


In the Sport 1-Lap category, Dane Karch won in 18:06, followed by Mia Karch, Kim Karch and Olvia Karch.


In the Sport 2-Lap erace, Kevin McBride won the category in 23:40, followe by Anastasia Seator in 36:10 and Stan Eller in 33:03.