Vandals strike skate park

Mammoth Lakes police were left scratching their heads this past week after an unusual graffiti attack left the Volcom Brothers Skate Park looking like something from the inner city.

“It’s hard to figure,” said MLPD Sgt. Marc Mosowitz. “The graffiti just showed up one day. The public works department tried to clean it up, but couldn’t, and then the very next night it happened again.”

Moscowitz said Officer Andy Lehr was hot on the trail of the vandal or vandals, as of Wednesday, Oct. 2.

What made the vandalism so odd is that Mammoth largely is free of graffiti taggers, and the skate park, on lower Meridian Boulevard, has been, if nothing else, a solid example of self-policing when it comes to  rules and regulations.

Among the more graphic of the spray-painted tags is an image of a wink, with the words “Catch Me,” accompanying the image.

Presumably, that is exactly what was about to happen.