UPDATE: Remaining two Vernal Fall victims identified

Yosemite National Park has positively identified the body of Ramina Badal,
21 year old female, of Manteca, CA. Badal was found in the Merced River,
approximately 120 yards below the Vernal Fall footbridge, by a Yosemite
National Park Ranger at approximately 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, December 3,
2011. The footbridge is located approximately a half mile below the base
of Vernal Fall.

Badal has been missing since July 19, 2011, when she, Hormiz David, 22 year
old male, of Modesto, CA, and Ninos Yacoub, 27 year old male, of Turlock,
CA, were witnessed being swept over the 317 foot waterfall. The body of
David was found on August 5, 2011, by Yosemite National Park Rangers and
Search and Rescue (SAR) personnel approximately 240 feet below the
waterfall. The body of Yacoub was found on November 29, 2011, by a
Yosemite National Park Ranger approximately 100 yards below the Vernal Fall
footbridge near the area where Badal was later located.

Yosemite National Park, along with several other agencies, have been
searching for the victims since July. Fluctuating water levels in the
Merced River, changing weather conditions, and treacherous terrain
contributed to a difficult and challenging search. However, with low water
levels in the Merced River and dry weather, Park Rangers have been able to
access areas within the river corridor that were previously impossible to
search. All three victims of the July 19, 2011 incident over Vernal Fall
have now been accounted for and positively identified.