Unofficial dog park is great, except for the poop

We’re talking poop here.

Dog poop, to be specific.

Mammoth has a new unofficial dog park down Sherwin Creek Road – a rather vast expanse on Forest Service land behind Sierra Meadows Ranch, made accessible this winter by the town plowing down to the Turner Propane tanks.

Dog lovers found it right away.

But Suzanne Nottingham, companion of three dogs (Ivan, Fred and Zion), has been horrified by the amount of poop this winter – poop that could easily have been picked up by their human companions but wasn’t.

Unlike the Shady Rest Park staging area, there are no trash containers in the area, nor bags that human companions can grab for poop containment.
Nottingham says she wants help.

She has created a Facebook campaign called “Unleashed! Mammoth’s Unoffical Dog Park Location and Rules.”

On it, she suggests eight specific rules for poop and parking.

On Wednesday she showed up at the Town Council meeting to raise the flag for her cause, and to ask if the Town might be able to help in the cleanup.

It might be plastic bags. It might be gloves.

Whatever, it’s going to be a big job, she said.

“If we picked up all the droppings, I think it would make the Guinness Book of World Records for the biggest pile.”

Her Facebook campaign has just started. Interested people can go to their Facebook page and search for Mammoth’s Unoffical Dog Park.

“It’s kind of an underground thing,” she said.