Town Council Election; How to Vote

Wendilyn Grasseschi

There has been conflicting information going out in various sources and media sources about how to vote in the Mammoth Lakes Town Council election, where an incorrect ballot was printed which indicated there were three open seats on the Town Council. There are only two. A new ballot for the Town Council race ONLY has been sent out to voters, postage paid. If you want your vote to count on the Town Council race, you must also vote on this new ballot. Your original ballot will still be used and counted for all the other 2016 races.

Here's the latest information from Mono County Elections:

There is an error on your ballot: this error appears on sample ballots, vote-by-mail ballots, and the ballots you will see at your polling place. Because of this error, you will need to fill out two ballots—the original primary election ballot (shown in your sample ballot), plus an additional ballot to vote for the two open seats on the Mammoth Lakes Town Council. Here’s how you vote:

• Which vote-by-mail/absentee ballot do I use? You must return 2 ballots—your original ballot, for all offices and measures other than Town Council, and your replacement ballot for the Town Council election. You have already received your June 7 primary ballot—use this ballot to vote for everything except Town Council (votes for Town Council on this ballot will not be counted). Your replacement ballot for Town Council only will arrive the week of May 31, and this ballot will only include Town Council election options.
• How do I return my vote-by-mail/absentee ballots? You can return your ballots in one of these three ways:
1) Mail both ballots by Tuesday, June 7. Postage is prepaid for the replacement ballot.
2) Return your ballots in person to the Mono County Community Development Department on the second floor of the Minaret Village Mall (above Giovanni’s), during business hours, Tuesday, 5/31 through Monday, 6/6.
3) Return your ballots in person at the Mammoth Lakes polling place (details below).
• You must use the return envelope that was sent with each ballot, no matter which way you choose to return your ballots.

In Person/Polling Place:
• Follow the usual procedure at the polling place on Tuesday, June 7, and note that all Mammoth voters have a new polling place (details below).
• You will receive two ballots. Use the original June 7 Primary Election ballot to vote for all offices and measures other than Town Council. Use the replacement ballot to vote for the two open Town Council seats—only vote for two candidates here.

Mammoth Lakes Polling Place/Voting Location Change:
All Mammoth Lakes voters have a new polling place. Vote here!
Mammoth High School Library, 365 Sierra Park Road, 7am-8pm