Thank you Mammoth Disposal drivers!

In the spirit of the recently launched Choose Civility campaign, I would li ke to publicly acknowledge people who have “just been nice” all summer long. 

I am referring to the Mammoth Disposal drivers who make the daily trek (multiple times) on the Green Church road (Benton Crossing). 

As a new road cyclist, I was nervous about riding along this stretch of road with big trucks. 

On my first ride, I was amazed at the courtesy demonstrated by these drivers. They went out of their way to keep myself and other cyclists safe and often returned my smile with a friendly wave.  

This courteous behavior continued all summer and not once was I afraid while riding this route. 

In a world where the negative is the first thing most people talk about, it is important to take a moment to acknowledge the positive. 

Thank you! 

Sonja Bush

Mammoth Lakes