Tenney wants Gateway Monument on S.R. 203

Elizabeth Tenney has a new volunteer project up her sleeve.

Having steered the town’s lighting policy into an ordinance, and having succeeded in flowering a park next to the town’s Post Office, she now wants to build a “Gateway Monument” on the left side of S.R. 203 at the entrance to town.

The project, which is to be funded by private donations and donations-in-kind, would be constructed directly across the highway from the current “Mammoth Lakes” structure that has the emblems of the various service clubs below.

The two structures thus would form a “Gateway” to the town.

Tenney, a Planning Commissioner herself, presented the plan to the Planning Commission Wednesday afternoon.

“The idea is that when you come to Mammoth, the first view is of Mammoth Mountain and Mountain Crest,” said architect and designer Larry Walker, who drew some mock-ups of the proposal.

Currently, what visitors see is a glop of space, followed by the new monotonal Mono County Courthouse, which is still under construction.

The gateway monument would block that view, effectively framing Mammoth Mountain.

But wait! There’s more!

In addition to the monument, Tenney and Walker have ideas of building a “pocket park” on the land around it.

The park that would enhance the aesthetic experience as well as provide space for perimeter trees to further block the roofs and outside walls of surrounding buildings.

As for the funding, Tenney said she’ll do as she did with the Post Office Beautification, which is to say, beg.

“We’ll have to raise an awful lot of money,” said Tenney. She said she will soon present the proposal to the Mono County Board of Supervisors.