Teller stomps the field, wins World Cup gold in France

The first thing Marlene Fiebiger did on Wednesday morning, Jan. 16, was to find a big American flag, then hang it at the front of the Alpine Garage in Mammoth.

Her grandson, John Teller,  had done it again—win a World Cup ski cross event, this time on the slopes at Megeve, France.

Meanwhile, Mike Fiebiger, John's uncle and fellow mechanic at the Center Street garage, spent his time on the phone with ESPN and other news outlets who were trying to reach Teller, who won the race with no one else even close to him.

With the victory, his second World Cup victory in two years, Teller moved into the forefront of the Olympic sport, particularly when added to his fifth-place finish at Les Contamines the weekend before.

Teller left behind Alex Fiva of Switzerland, who placed sixth, along with Finalnd's Jouni Pellinen, who came in second, with Fiva's main rival Armin Niederer of Switzerland, taking third. 

At the end of the race, it was all Teller could do to race to a laptop and enter a very brief Facebook post.

"It feels good to be on top again," he wrote, adding a smiley-face emoticon at the end. From there, we was to meet with representatives of his sponsor, Red Bull, and with reps from Atomic Skis.

"It's been a little hard to get a hold of him," Mike Fiebiger said. "Knowing John, he's probably out partying a little bit tonight, particularly since his next race isn't for another two weeks."

Also celebrating was Anna Woerner of Germany, who won the women's event, with Kelsey Serwa of Canada in second place and Ophelie David of France finishing third.

In the men's overall standings, Fiva has 384 points, Niederer has 373, and Brady Leman of Canada is third with 248. Teller is fifth with 209.

Fanny Smith of Switzerland maintained her big lead in the women's standings. She has 396 points, followed by Serwa (301) and David (271).