SWAT Team Deployed to Benton Area; Possibly Dangerous Subject Might Be Barricaded in Home

Wendilyn Grasseschi
Staff Writer

At least one man appears to have barricaded himself in a home in the Benton area this afternoon, Feb. 25, and an Inyo County SWAT team has been deployed to the property, after the subject allegedly crashed into a law enforcement officer’s vehicle this afternoon during a traffic stop, then, possibly brandishing a pistol, fled on foot.

Details were still very vague at 5 p.m. but according to CHP Officer Brandon Archer, the incident is unfolding somewhere near Adobe Ranch Road in far northern Mono County.

Archer said it was his understanding that the man, as yet not identified to the press, might have had a history that made offices believe he could be dangerous, especially if he is armed.

Archer said the CHP is just there as backup and that details are still very scarce, but Inyo County Sheriff’s Department Public Information Officer did confirm a SWAT team had been sent to the remote location and that a “Command Post” had been set up in the area.