Stump, Alpers win, Fesko and Peters face runoff election in November

Mono County voted in two new supervisors Tuesday night, with a third race that will also eventually bring another new supervisor to the table stuck in runoff mode.

Fred Stump, running for elected office for the first time, will replace two-term District 2 incumbent Duane “Hap” Hazard. Tim Alpers, a two-time former Mono County supervisor, will replace two-term District 3 incumbent Vikki Bauer.

The two top vote getters for District 4, Tim Fesko and Bob Peters, will face each other in a runoff election in November. Neither of Fesko or Peters or a third candidate, Jan Huggans, got the necessary 50 percent plus 1 needed to avoid a runoff. District 4 did not have an incumbent in the seat, due to the fact that its current supervisor, Tim Hansen, was redistricted out of the district.

The new supervisors will all take office in January, 2013.

The vote broke down like this:

District 2:
Fred Stump—55.03 percent, with 476 votes
Hap Hazard—44.97 percent with 389 votes

District 3:
Tim Alpers—67.52 percent, with 449 votes
Vikki Bauer—32.48 percent, with 216 votes

District 4:
Bob Peters—42.96 percent, with 296 votes
Tim Fesko—39.48 percent, with 272 votes
Jan Huggans—17.56 percent, with 121 votes

Turnout was low—only 50.2 percent of the county’s registered voters voted, either by mail or in person.

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