Some rural dwellings can now be built with less red tape


The Mono County Board of Supervisors recently passed a “Limited Density Owner Built Rural Dwellings,” ordinance which allows “for the legal construction of seasonally or permanently occupied residential dwellings located in rural areas and that are solely occupied as the residence of the owner or the owner’s family.”

The concept of “limited density” is to allow some flexibility for remote, isolated pieces of land, allowing owners to construct small habitable structures that do not meet strict compliance with the California Building Code. 

The ordinance defines a limited density parcel as a “single parcel in-holding, completely surrounded by federally owned lands, that is at no point nearer than one mile from a paved road, and is at least 10 acres in size.”

There are approximately 100 parcels that meet this description within the county.

Any person interested in this new ordinance may obtain details by contacting the Mono County Building Department at 760-932-5433 or 760-924-1809.