Shake, Rattle and Roll; Mammoth Takes Notice of Quakes

Stacey Powells
Times Reporter

Thousands of earthquakes have occurred in the Mojave Desert near the China Lake Naval Base. The California Geological Survey (CGS) has sent geologists and seismologists into the Ridgecrest area to do what they do best; jump onto the earthquake bandwagon, digging and measuring, and hopefully coming up with answers as to why the recent uptake on quakes.

CGS geologist, Dr. Jay Patton, said that seismologists and geologists are just a tad concerned because there have been so many quakes in such a short time span, but are also excited at the prospect of being able to find out exactly what has been going on with the Earth’s crust in that region. Additionally, Patton has a hobby of creating reports and summaries about earthquakes, writing them at an undergraduate level. “I want people to learn about the seismic-tectonic settings for where these quakes are happening,” said Patton. Smaller quakes in the M2.0-3.5 magnitude have been happening for weeks but then the 6.4 occurred, followed by the M7.1 which Patton says was probably ‘triggered’ by the M6.4 the day before.

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