Run of the Week - Whoosh! Find your way to Patrolmen’s, step on the gas and fly

There’s this thing about Patrolmen’s.

It a little gem of a black diamond groomer run that parallels Chair 2/Stump Alley Express, and it’s so tucked away that not many skiers find it, even on a crowded day.

The reason the cognoscenti like it so much is that they can make of it what they want. Ski it one way, and it’s more of an advanced intermediate than black.

Ski it another way and there’s freestyle and tree skiing to be had.

But the real pull on Patrolmen’s is that a skier can generate some ungodly speed as the run bends its way onto a wide approach to Chair 2.

There are a few cautions that have to be thrown in here.

The first is that it ends at a chairlift, so as you hurtle down the mountain, slow down a bit as you encounter traffic on your right.

Also, smack dab in the middle of Patrolmen’s is an intersection with a beginner slope – a road (in summer) called St. Moritz, situated near the top of the run.

One tactic is to use the top of Patrolmen’s for a little bit of carving. It’s a wonderful carving run, and it’s pretty too, under Chair 2 and floating through the pines.

Once past the intersection, though, Patrolmen’s is all yours.

The terrain is as good as it gets on the lower part of the ski hill. It alternates between fairly steep and fairly gentle. It is as if someone had deliberately built an all-in-one ride.

Near the end, the run opens into a wide alluvial fan. Perfect.

Getting there is easy as pie, unless, maybe it’s your first time and you get caught in the tangle of runs that begin to skiers’ left near the top of Chair 2.

Anyway, get off Chair 2, bear left down Stump Alley and look for signs to Patrolmen’s.

You’ll swing under the lift, and keep looking for the signs. It’s not that hard.

Once at the top of Patrolmen’s use the first part as a carving tune-up, cross the road, and go for it.
Patrolmen’s is anything you want it to be.

( See a video of Andy Rostar's run down Patrolmen's : )