RAW: "Water and Power: The Aqueduct and The Aftermath" documentary film in Lone Pine

The Owens Valley Committee invites its members and the public to view a documentary film on the LA Aqueduct and its aftermath. Tuesday evening, June 12, at 7:00 pm at the Lone Pine Film History Museum, 701 South Main Street, Lone Pine.

OVC is presenting two-parts of a three-part documentary featured on the 2009 DVD release of the Academy Award-winning 1974 movie Chinatown. The documentary, produced and edited by Paul G. Baker for Paramount Pictures, examines the building of the LA Aqueduct, “The Aqueduct,” and the last forty years of Owens Valley water issues, “The Aftermath.”

It includes interviews with Owens Valley Committee members and other local residents.

The two-part documentary film runs approximately 55 minutes. After the film, Mark Bagley, OVC Policy Director, will be available for questions and an update on recent water issues and Owens Valley Committee activities.

For more information about the Owens Valley Committee check the OVC website, www.ovcweb.org or call Mark Bagley at 760-873-5326.