RAW: Norby to leave Water District; head home to Bay Area

Mammoth Community Water District General Manager Greg Norby announced that he regrettably will be leaving the District, having very much enjoyed working with the MCWD Board and professional staff. 

His departure is effective at the end of January 2013.
Norby is moving to the Bay Area to be closer to family and support his partner in her career in secondary education digital publishing. He will be seeking new opportunities in utility management or engineering consulting, which he practiced prior to working in the public utility management field.
Until his departure, he will continue to work closely with the MCWD Board and legal counsel on the lawsuits filed by the LADWP. Norby also will focus his remaining three months with the District working with staff to develop the annual strategic plan for 2013, draft the FY 2013-14 budget, and assist in the recruitment of a new General Manager.
Norby has served as the General Manager for four years, beginning in October 2008. The MCWD Board is beginning steps to recruit a new General Manager.
Source: Mammoth Community Water District Press Release