RAW: Mountain biker crashes, loses pulse, consciousness on 'Shock Treatment'

A 42-year-old Sonora man on Monday, Aug. 26, was in Renown Hospital in Reno following an accident at Mammoth Mountain Bike Park the previous Saturday afternoon.

Stephen Olmstead was on a trail named "Upper Shock Treatment" when the rangers found him at approximately 2:18 p.m. August 24.
Upon arrival at 2:23 p.m., rangers found Olmsted unconscious, with no pulse, according to a news release from Mammoth Mountain Bike Park.
Rangers began CPR and the patient was transported by paramedics to Mammoth Hospital. 
He was later transferred to Renown in Reno, where he currently remains.
Upper Shock Treatment is a Double-Black Diamond trail that runs parallel to the famous "Kamikaze" run on the northern shoulder of Mammoth Mountain.