RAW: Deer on highways pose serious danger to drivers—and deer

The Mammoth Lakes Police Department would like to caution motorists to be extra alert for migrating deer on U.S.395 and S.R. 203. Large numbers of deer are on the move at this time of year and they pose a real threat to motorists. Serious injuries or death can occur if you strike a deer at highway speeds. Evidence of multiple vehicle versus deer encounters is visible while traveling on 395.

The bears are also out of hibernation and are active in and around Mammoth Lakes. The public is cautioned against feeding bears. Well-meaning people sometimes feel they are doing the right thing by putting food out for the bears. Just the opposite is true. When bears become reliant on food sources provided by humans, they stop looking for natural food sources and become problem bears. The Town’s Wildlife Specialist, Steve Searles, and MLPD officers are trained and equip to condition bears to avoid human food sources. Their efforts are thwarted by people feeding bears, and that can end in tragic results for the bear.

Please help to keep our bear population healthy and safe. Enjoy their presence, but don’t intentionally feed them, never leave food in a vehicle, and always lock or secure trash dumpsters.

Source: Mammoth Lakes Police Department