Raising awareness

Doug Cooper, a talented local artist who knows first-hand the impacts mental illness can have on an individual, keeps his art board close by. Over the years, his artwork has given him an outlet and an opportunity to focus his attention. Photo courtesy Doug "Dingo" CooperDoug Cooper's interests are as at least as vast as his travels, and many pieces of art that he has created over the years features astronauts, pilots and other themes related to aeronautics.  Image by Doug "Dingo" Cooper
Staff Writer

In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month, Bishop resident Doug "Dingo" Cooper came forward to share his story and his experiences with mental illness. The local artist has traveled the world on foot and experienced his fair share of trials and tribulations. But it wasn't until he came to the Eastern Sierra a little over a decade ago that he found a community with the resources and the pace of life that he needed to be able to settle into a day-to-day routine.
To read about Dingo, the experiences he's had and the kindness that ultimately brought him to the Eastern Sierra, check out the May 28, 2015 edition of the Mammoth Times.