Plenty of thanks to go around

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the following businesses for their generosity and kindness in supporting the Forest Service Fire Safety Fun Festival at Fire Station 2 on July 4.

Thank you Vons for your cookies and icing donations. The kids enjoyed decorating them with a fire safety theme. Thank you McDonalds for providing punch to wash down those cookies!

Thank you Mission Linen for donating festive red, white, and blue linens used on table displays. Thank you IMACA for your donation of tunnels. Thank you Southern California Edison for your electronic house model of electrical fire hazards in and around homes. All in all, there was joy in the eyes of kids and parents as kids learned about fire safety and had fun doing so.

At the Fire Station kids picked up a passport and rotated through three stations. After completing the educational stations (verified with signatures or Smokey stamps), the kids earned a choice of three Smokey bandanas. The U.S. Forest Service would not be able to provide such a fun and educational day without the huge participation on the part of our community. The generous spirit in which these donations were made is just another indicator of the great community in which we are fortunate to reside.

Our appreciation also goes out to the numerous employees of the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management for contributing to the success of the Fire Safety Fun Festival.

Isabel Kusumoto and Paul Meyers
Fire Prevention Team
U.S. Forest Service