Playhouse 395 presents killer show

The community is invited to a wedding reception and the party won’t come to a close until someone is dead!

You haven’t had an invitation like this one before, you say? “I’m Getting Murdered in the Morning” is Playhouse 395’s first mystery dinner theater event Oct. 7 - 10 at the Bishop Country Club banquet room.
Audience members are invited to guess who-dun-it, becoming guests at the most unlikely wedding celebration ever attended.

The story begins the moment guests enter the premises: a room that has been magically transformed into the wedding reception of Brenda the bridezilla and her groom, Eddie. From here, guests will be treated to many of the elements of a traditional wedding reception: a beautiful bride, a handsome groom, music, fine dining, the tossing of a bouquet and the garter, and of course, the cake.

But this is where tradition stops and the fun begins.

“I’m Getting Murdered in the Morning” playwright Lee Mueller brings together a wealth of stock, comic characters: the spoiled rich girl, the country bumpkin who hit it rich, the poker-faced security guard, the doting father, the carefree dude, and more. Their interactions (and their interactions with the audience) provide an evening of laughs and entertainment.

When asked about why she chose Murder as the group’s entry into dinner theatre, director Emily Johnson says, “Being both a fan of theater and of mystery books, this show is a natural for me. I knew the audience would have fun trying to identify who the killer(s) is as the play unfolds.

For ticket information, or (760) 920-9100.

Wedding presents are discouraged and please, no weapons!