Pile Burns Near Mammoth Knolls, Shady Rest Create Smoke, March 20

Staff Writer

Weather and air quality conditions permitting, fire crews plan to complete pile burning in two locations in the Mammoth Lakes area today, with the target of 10 acres near Mammoth Knolls and 6 acres near Old Shady Rest, according to the Inyo National Forest.

Opposite of the past few years; where the lack of snow made it difficult for crews to find windows to safely burn piles; this year’s issue is too much snow. Many of the piles are completely buried under snow and too wet to burn.

The last week of warm and sunny days has exposed some of the piles and the crews plan to strategically burn the piles that have had enough sun exposure (primarily south facing). In this case, fuels reduction for community protection is the main objective of the project.