Photo of the Week

Staff Writer

The 2nd Annual Mammoth Mountain Kids Adventure Games was held Saturday, August 22. The event featured a kid sized adventure race where over 75 teams of two, navigated a one of a kind natural terrain inspired obstacle course.

According to race organizers, “The intent of the Kids Adventure Games is to be challenged yet have fun, be determined, develop good character, sportsmanship, teamwork, build grit and resiliency, be able to think on your feet and finish the day with a smile.”

The competitors, ranging in age from 6-14 years old, spent the day on Mammoth Mountain running and mountain biking from feature to feature over a course that is considered the toughest course of the entire series. They swam across Red’s Lake, jumped off of tall containers, navigated over a huge cargo net, walked up sloping tree trunks, and then splashed down giant Slip-n-Slide, ultimately finishing their confidence building outdoor experience running under a huge finish banner to the cheers of parents, friends and other competitors.

In the end 17 MMST athletes and their teammates climbed on the podium along with numerous other local competitors.