Our View: The Fourth of July

It always seems a little bit weird to be thinking about the Fourth of July in February, but that’s the way it goes.

Contracts must be signed. Agreements must be signed. There has to be a plan.
Mammoth is far behind this year. It doesn’t mean we won’t have fireworks at the iconic Crowley Lake festival. It doesn’t mean we won’t have the parade in town, as usual.
But the fact is, what we don’t have is enough money.
The council took up the recommendations by the Recreation Commission last week and indicated we will spend up to $29,000 for the fireworks.
Back in the glorious past, Mammoth spent up to $37,000 for the show. This year? We have a budget for $31,893, but we’d have to scrap Pops in the Park—which has become very popular lately.
The town’s do-gooders (no insult intended) are doing everything they can to put on a great show at Crowley Lake. It’s where all the picnics, family fun and good times take place.
We’re going to have to get creative about it.
The Town Council brought the Rec Commission proposals, more or less.
Taking into account a 10 percent budget reduction across the board, that works out to be $11,350 in savings.
Mammoth is not in a current position to fund the Fourth of July and Pops in the Parks.
The proposed ideas to reduce expenses include a re-negotiation with fireworks vendor.
Another idea includes negotiating with Crowley Lake Fish Camp for a higher return from gate fees. 
Maybe we go can hat in hand to local business for a little help from our friends. 
We can charge people outside the gate to help fund the show.
We have an idea that will probably rub people the wrong way. We know this. 
But just for fun, consider Bridgeport.
They’ve always had it going on. They’ve been celebrating the Fourth of July with style since 1863. Festivities up there commence a few days before July 4 and include an arts and crafts fair, a softball tournament, a kids’ fun attractions and activities event, a turkey shoot, a horseshoe tournament, a rodeo, a five-mile run, a parade down Main Street, lots of good food, and of course, a pretty intensive fireworks display.
We’re just saying…
There are many options floating around town.
We hope we find one that works that makes financial sense.