New parking regulations for Mono County’s old wild west towns


Parking requirements in the downtown regions of Bridgeport, Lee Vining, and June Lake appear to be stifling new businesses, according to Brent Calloway, Mono County Community Development Analyst.

         Current regulations require too much parking, Calloway said at the Board of Supervisors meeting Feb. 19.

 Informal local sources have informed him that people aren’t opening new businesses because they do not want to have to deal with the parking issue.

Rather than jumping through hoops with the county to reduce parking requirements, they are choosing to do something else entirely, Calloway said.

Supervisor Larry Johnston suggested more diagonal parking like in Bridgeport.

Bridgeport is an old town with 100-foot wide streets, designed for turning around horses, Supervisor Tim Fesko said.

But travelers don’t need to turn their horses around anymore. They need to park their cars.

Calloway is drafting changes to the parking regulations and will be bringing them to the Regional Planning Advisory Committee.