Multiple Energy, Mining Proposals Still Active in Local Area

Lynn Boulton
Special to the Times

A proposal to de-water the meadows around Crowley Lake and another to create a hydropower project near Haiwee Reservoir are only two of the still-active energy and other resource extraction proposals that could affect the landscape and communities of the Eastern Sierra, should they come to fruition.

Here is a brief summary of the projects and their status:

• Owens Pumped Storage Project: This project has been changed four times and as of last week, has been withdrawn. The latest version was to have the upper reservoir of the project be Crowley Lake or in Silver or Gunter Canyons. The lower reservoir would be in the Owens Gorge upstream from the Pleasant Valley Reservoir. An underground pressure tunnel would have connected the upper and lower reservoirs.

• Haiwee Pumped Storage Project: This project has come back as P-14991. The lower reservoir would be the same—an additional reservoir at the north end of the North Haiwee Reservoir with three locations proposed for the upper reservoir: 1) Little Cactus Flat 2) McCloud Flat 3) Haiwee Pass.

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