Mother of Almaguer victims says, "Enough with the silence"

Enough with the SILENCE.
Thank you to the Mammoth Times for “Our View”, published April 7. As a mother with 2 children, who were victimized by Lupe Almaguer, I am grateful that public knowledge is being increased.
My children not only experienced sex abuse by Lupe, but witnessed/overheard other children being abused in “the Room.” As the Our View author stated so appropriately, “Yes, they can move on, but anyone who has ever suffered such abuse knows better. There is NO such thing, here, as adversity making one better than they would have been without it. It doesn’t work that way with child sex abuse. It only takes. It never gives.”
Early counseling is crucial to helping any victim of child sex abuse realize that it was NOT their fault and get on with the maximum amount of healing that may be possible. We have an excellent therapist here in Mammoth, at Mono County Mental Health, who specializes in helping kids in this situation.
The level of manipulation they endured is mind-boggling. For example, my eldest was told that if he cooperated with the abuse, his younger siblings would be spared. They were not. He was told that if he told, his parents could not work and would not have money for food, housing, etc. The children thought they had “told.” They said to me, “We are bored. We don’t want to go. Do you have to go to work?”
I asked questions. I thought I knew. I had talked to my kids about this because it’s the type of mom I am. I dropped by unannounced. I did what everyone says to do, and it did not work.
They would not talk until they knew he could not hurt them again, and until a loving adult sat with them, on their level and said, “It’s ok to tell mommy what happened. You are safe, I love you.”
Name withheld to protect the identity of the family involved