Mono Craters hiker rescued

On the night of February 11, 2011, the Mono County Sheriff Search and Rescue (SAR) Team was called out to assist Betsy Rieke, 67, of Carson City, Nev., who became lost and stranded above a cliff while on a solo hike in the Mono Craters.

She made cell phone contact with the persons with whom she had discussed the hike with, who in turn, reported the situation to the Sheriff’s Department before they began to hike to Ms. Rieke’s location.

The Sheriff’s Department dispatched personnel to the area where it was determined that SAR should also respond.

As SAR arrived, Ms. Rieke was located by her acquaintances that helped her up a scree slope to the trail on top of the crater.

They reported via cell phone that Ms. Rieke was uninjured but cold. SAR members with additional supplies hiked in and met Rieke’s group as they were hiking down the road from the crater.

SAR members used the Sheriff’s Department ATV to shorten the final portion of the hike for the group.

Mono County Sheriff's Department