Mono County Goes for Clinton, Peters, Harris, Cook, Bigelow

Staff Writer

Mono County bucked the red tide that swept the country last night and voted for Hillary Clinton for President, 51.5 percent to 40.2 percent for Donald Trump.

Turnout was 79.6 percent without counting some 300 provisional ballots and some Vote By Mail ballots that still need to be counted, making it likely final turnout will be in the 85 percent range, according to local election officials (see more below).

Mono County had 5,175 ballots counted by early on Nov. 9, out of a total of 6,498 registered voters, according to election officials.

The county also voted for Kamala Harris for Senate, re-elected Rep. Paul Cook and re-elected Congressman Frank Bigelow.

District 4 voters elected Bob Peters with a margin of 89 votes, or 577 votes for Peters and 488 for Fesko, or 54.18 percent to 45.82 percent, respectively. Although the race is unlikely to shift when the provisional ballots and Vote By Mail ballots are counted later this week and into next week, it is possible, according to Mono County Clerk Bob Musil.

The vote is still preliminary, pending the final count of all outstanding, viable ballots, and pending state certification, which must be done within 30 days of the election, Musil said. Most of the work will be done by the end of next week, he said.

Here's the details, as taken from the Mono County Elections Office: or go to for documentation of how every precinct in the county voted.