I have been very naive in believing that the National Rifle Association represented gun owners of America in protection of the Second Amendment.

But the leadership, in response to the slaughter of innocent children with an assault rifle, while proposing more armed guards in schools, has revealed their true loyalty.

The NRA represents the manufacturers of weapons of mass destruction, not only in the United States, but also in the world.

They don’t really care about the right to bear arms, but the right to sell arms and profit handsomely from the sale of anything and everything that will destroy lives.

If you are a member of the NRA and disagree with this assessment, you are just as naive as I have been.

Where do you draw the line on armaments?

Do you want armed guards at the grocery store, shopping mall, sporting events, or any where people gather?

You are naive if you believe that will protect your right to bear arms.

Every state that has enacted the “Stand Your Ground” legislation to allow weapon owners to kill anyone, armed or not, who enters their home, has experienced an increase in deaths by the same gun owners who want to bear arms.

What good will the Second Amendment do you if you are dead?

Clint Hyde

Mammoth Lakes