Measure R funding locked in


About $7 million in Measure R recreation funding is a fait accompli.
The big winners produced no surprises, nor did the losers at Wednesday’s Town Council meeting, which approved the recommendations made to it by the Recreation Commission last month.
Although it became a kind of sideshow to the Big Show, Volunteer Elizabeth Tenny’s request for $250,000 to help build her Mammoth Community Gateway Project on S.R. 203 was stopped flat.
The project will get no money at all in the taxpayer-supported monies, with both the Recreation Commission and the council asserting that it did not qualify for Measure R funds.
Measure R is a tax that was generated by a vote in 2008. It is to go toward the construction of recreation projects.
The ad hoc Events Coalition initially requested $25,000 to find a suitable spot for a large events venue that could support things like Bluesapalooza, headline acts from the Jazz Jubilee, and so on.
However, Recreation Commissioner Sean Turner, the leader of the group, withdrew the request last month because the group is simply not ready to come forward with a coherent plan.
In this funding cycle, anything having to do with the brand new Trails End Park on Lower Meridian Boulevard caught the ear of both the commission and the council. It won $300,000 to complete the park this year.
Also winning was the Mammoth Lakes Trail System ($6,900) and enhancements to Whitmore Pool. The pool won $7,063 for a new pool cover, an automated pool vacuum and other accoutrements, but that money is contingent on a 5 percent match by Mono County.