McCoy declines $21K street name change


Council plows ahead anyway

A proposal to change the name of Minaret Boulevard to McCoy Boulevard in honor of the founder of Mammoth Mountain Ski Area, came to a screeching pause on Monday, April 15.

Just hours before Mammoth Lakes Tourism Chief John Urdi and others were set to meet in order to hammer out details on the proposal, Mammoth Lakes Foundation CEO Evan Russell sent an email on McCoy’s behalf to stop the effort.

The reason, Russell said in the email, is that Dave McCoy himself asked the effort go no further.

However, council member Michael Raimondo, at a council meeting two days after the email, asked the Town Council to table the proposal for further discussion.

“There has been some miscommunication about this out there,” Raimondo said, “because he (McCoy) was very supportive of this initially. We’re still going to have some discussion. We’ll keep working on it.”

The name change stirred somewhat of a tempest in a teapot ever since Town Council member Michael Raimondo agendized the proposal for the council’s April 3 meeting.

Raimondo’s proposal did not include how the town was to pay for the name change on 32 signs, along with two Caltrans signs. Research by the town staff on Friday, April 12, indicated the signs alone would cost $19,000.

Counting postage changes and clerical staff work, the price tag rose to $21,500.

In addition, town engineer Peter Bernasconi suggested that there might be some wood signposts that have decayed and would require metal post replacements.

With no money in the budget to pay for such a project, Urdi and Mammoth Lakes Tourism proposed fronting the town the money, with a fund-raising effort to follow.

The signs were to have been ready to go before the town’s Fourth of July Week.